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"" is a homage to the spirit of America; to people who love America, respect American values and are proud to be Americans.  In brief, an extensive and diverse library of candid videos and photos portraying everyday Americana.

The m4v and mp4 video formats allow easy downloading of any and all videos directly to your computer, cellphone, tablets and other mobile devices.


If you're one of the patriotic Americans I'm honoring above you'll be excited about the America's Cracker Barrel discussion membership forum.  A forum of, by and for Patriots who love America.  This forum is for YOU.  YOUR voice is welcome here!


One last point.  This is an ongoing, constantly evolving site where visitors shortly will be able to upload THEIR content.  We welcome suggestions for new categories, videos and photos!  



Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your membership.  So, let's work together to repair and




Dave S.